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    Length at maturity of the Antarctic skates Amblyraja georgiana and Bathyraja eatonii in the Ross Sea

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    M.P. Francis (New Zealand)
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    Scientific observers collected maturity data from skates caught by New Zealand longline vessels targeting toothfish in the Ross Sea during 2002–03. Sample sizes were small, making it difficult to obtain accurate estimates of the length at 50% maturity. Results were compared with data collected in the previous season.
    The length at 50% maturity for male Amblyraja georgiana is about 92 cm TL. Females appear to mature at a slightly greater length of 95–100 cm TL, but further data are required to confirm this. The length at 50% maturity of male and female Bathyraja eatonii could not be accurately determined, but may be around 85–90 cm and 100–120 cm, respectively.