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    Alternative method of parameters accuracy calculation in CMIX procedure applied to toothfish recruitment estimation

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    P.S. Gasyukov (Russia)
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    The paper presents the application of the bootstrap method to estimate accuracy of mixture distributions parameters. The method allows to estimate statistical characteristics not only component densities but another parameters: mean length of components, their standard deviations or equation parameters to determine these standard deviations. It is possible to estimate parameters correlation and bias.
    The method has been applied to data from UK survey in 2002 that WG-FSA-03 used for toothfish recruitment calculations in S. Georgia area. The accuracy of mean length of component is high (CV~0.04), but total densities have CV~0.3 – 0.5. CV of parameters of linear equation is more then 1.0. It was marked high correlation between some parameters. Standard errors of densities exceed the values calculated by CCAMLR program.
    The method can be used to determine the number of trawl stations in a survey to get the recruitment estimates with given accuracy.