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    Molecular and morphological identification of Macrourus species caught as by-catch in the toothfish longline fisheries in CCAMLR Subareas 48.3 and 48.4.

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    E. Fitzcharles, K. Brigden, S. Gregory, M. Belchier and J. Brown (United Kingdom)
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    Sarah Mackey (Secretaría de la CCRVMA)
    • Genetic identification of grenadiers taken as bycatch in the toothfish longline fishery at South Georgia was compared with results of morphological identifications made by scientific observers and fisheries biologists.
    • There was generally good agreement between methods although issues exist in the ability to morphologically distinguish between M. carinatus and M. holotrachys.
    • Four species of Macrourus were identified genetically in the Southern Ocean and confirmed the presence of a recently described new species M. species.
    • M. holotrachys was indistinguishable genetically from the Northern hemisphere species, M. berglax.
    • There is a clear latitudinal separation of Macrourus species in the Southern Ocean.
    • Latitudinal gradients in Macrourus distribution at the South Sandwich Islands reflect the patterns observed in toothfish spp.