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    Assessment of the stocks of abundant fish species in the South Georgia subarea (48.3) made on the basis of data obtained from the RV Atlantida trawl survey of April/May 1991

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    WG-FSA-91/23 Rev. 1
    V.I. Shiblanov, Zh.A. Frolkina, R.S. Dorovskikh, V.A. Khvichiya (USSR)
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    The seventh cruise of the RV Atlantida was a continuation of regular AtlantNIRO research into the status of Chaenichthyidae and Nototheniidae fish in Statistical Subarea 48.3 (South Georgia, Shag Rocks and Black Rocks). The minimum biomass of commercial fish species was calculated from the results of a census trawl survey carded out in April-May 1991. This paper contains data on distribution, biology and size composition of commercial fish species.

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