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    Standardisation of commercial CPUE

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    A. Salthaug and O.R. Godø
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    Dr Olav Rune Godø (Noruega)
    Fish. Res., 49 (2001): 271–281

    This paper reports analysis of CPUE data on cod in the Barents Sea.  The potential of fleet effort standardisation is explored based on vessel calibration factors, which are established when vessel trawling operations take place at acceptable proximity in time and space. The methodological approach might be of interest for the longline fishery for tothfish as well as for the trawl fishery on krill.

    A model for standardisation of fishing power for individual vessels in a commercial fishing fleet is developed. Catch rates of vessels are compared when they are fishing close together in time and space, and their fishing power relative to a standard vessel is calculated. The model is applied to a logbook data base from the Norwegian bottom trawler fleet, and effects of varying model parameters are explored. Relative fishing power from the model is correlated with the vessel's length and engine power. The model seems to be robust when varying catch composition criteria, minimum number of comparisons required and standard vessel.