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    The various spatial scales available for consideration and the distribution of the krill fishery in Subarea 48.1

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    Y. Ying, X. Zhao, G. Fan and X. Wang
    Soumis par:
    Xinliang Wang (Chine)
    Approuvé par:
    Xianyong Zhao (Chine)
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    Acoustic data on Antarctic krill in Subarea 48.1 are available in several spatial scales that are relevant to the work of WG-ASAM-2021. The various spatial scales (or areas with different size and shape) available from CCAMLR that could be considered by WG-ASAM-2021 to provide biomass estimates of Antarctic krill in Subarea 48.1, together with the US AMLR survey strata and the Chinese fishing vessel survey transects, are presented in a single chart for easy reference. The distribution of krill catches in Subarea 48.1 is also shown to aid consideration in choosing a suitable/practical spatial scale to be used for providing an interim management advice for the Antarctic krill fishery in 2021.