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    Acoustic transects survey undertaken by a Chinese krill fishing vessel in Subarea 48.3 in June and August 2021

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    X. Wang, J. Zhu, Y. Ying and X. Zhao
    Soumis par:
    Xinliang Wang (Chine)
    Approuvé par:
    Xianyong Zhao (Chine)

    With the aim to provide information on krill dynamics, SG-ASAM has agreed on several nominated transects with higher priority for collecting acoustic data by fishing vessels across Subarea 48.1 to 48.3. Here we provide information on the acoustic surveys on the nominated transects in Subarea 48.3 undertook by the Chinese krill fishing vessel Long Fa in winter 2021. Preliminary analysis showed that only small amount of krill swarms with low density were observed.