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    Technical note on the sampling procedures of the Saga Sea

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    J. Hooper (United Kingdom), T. Knutsen (Norway), D. Agnew (United Kingdom) and S.A. Iversen (Norway)
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    At the 2005 Scientific Committee (the Committee) Meeting (CCAMLR), Norway indicated that a Norwegian-flagged vessel, “Saga Sea” would be fishing for krill in the 2005/06 fishing season using modified gear and trawl system. The Committee agreed that this new technology would not be considered a ‘new and exploratory fishery’ if a monitoring system was implemented that provided adequate information on effort, catch characteristic and the broader ecosystem impacts of this new technology. In response to these concerns a monitoring system has been developed in collaboration between Norway’s Institute of Marine Research (IMR) and the UK’s Marine Resources Assessment Group and will be implemented onboard by a UK CCAMLR Scientific and National Observers.