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    Interim protocol for fish/fish larvae by-catch observation in krill fishery

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    S. Kawaguchi (Australia)
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    This interim protocol has been developed in cooperation with our UK and Japanese colleagues/operators/observer coordinators in response to these recent requests by the CCAMLR Scientific Committee (SC-CAMLR 2006). The purpose of developing this protocol is to standardize the larval fish by-catch observation among observers and vessels so that we can later use it for quantitative analysis. The fish identification can also be verified by the CCAMLR fish experts by using systematically archived images. It is also designed so that the data can be validated later by using randomly kept samples by the flag states. This protocol will be used only for Fish and Larval fish by-catch observation, and therefore the rest of the observation must be undertaken using the usual CCAMLR observer manual. This manual was distributed to all the fishing krill fishing nations prior for use in 2006/07 fishing season.