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    Net diagrams for Chinese vessels notified for krill fishery in 2015/16 Notification ID 86733, 86772 and 86773

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    Delegation of the People’s Republic of China
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    Jiancheng Zhu (Chine)
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    In accordance with CM 21-03, Annex 21-03 A, attached are the net diagrams and marine mammal exclusion device diagrams to be used in conjunction with the online notifications for the krill fishery in the 2015/16 fishing season submitted for the Chinese vessels: LONG TENG (Page 3-5); LONG FA (Page 6-8); LONG DA (Page 9-10); FU RONG HAI (Page 11-12); KAI LI (Page 13-14); KAIYU (Page 15-16); MING KAI (Page 17-19); VIKTORIYA (Page 20-22).