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    Citizen science for large-scale data extraction from a citizen science network

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    T. Hart, C. Black (United Kingdom), L. Emmerson (Australia), J. Hinke (USA) and C. Southwell (Australia)
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    Chris Darby
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    Cameras allow for non-invasive measurement of many breeding and behavioural parameters that permit, for the first time, large scale, simultaneous monitoring of multiple colonies. Citizen science appears to be a scalable solution to data extraction from large data sets until automated image recognition becomes available. Given advanced stages of camera deployments and analyses described, using fisheries data (catch, effort, location) to test for effects on breeding success and reproductive chronology of penguins is now possible. In particular, if experimental fisheries closures or experimental feedback management actions were agreed, monitoring the efficacy of those actions would benefit from the replication of camera network monitoring sites.