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    Krill distribution variability and fishery conditions within the local ground of Subarea 48.3 in June 1991

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    Kasatkina, S.M.
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    Experiments on estimation of krill transport by a current and its distribution characteristics variability were carried out within a local ground of Subarea 48.3 in the fleet operation area. It is shown that krill transport by wat4er flow across the fishing ground results in variation of fished krill aggregations distribution, and thus, in unstable indices of fishing vessels activity. During the the period of observations (29.05.91–03.06.19) at variable krill distribution characteristics due to outside transport of different krill population modifications across the investigation area, the variation coefficient of catch per a houl of BMRT type vessel amount to V = 0.7, that of a trawl catchability V = 0.197, the variation coefficient of krill biomass within the fishing ground V = 0.6, and a variation coefficient of possible catch per fishing day ( over 24 hours ) is only V = 0.13. At considerable variations of krill distribution characteristics daily catch of vessels with higly efficient technological equipment appears slightly sensitive to the fishery conditions variations. The other index of a vessel operation, such as catch per an hour haul , is more sensitive.