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    Distribution of salps near the South Shetland Islands during austral summer, 1990/1991 with special reference to krill distribution

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    Terazaki, M., Ichii, T., Kawaguchi, K., Nishikawa, J., Ishii, H., Naganobu, M.
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    Distribution and biomass of salps and Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) were investigated near the South Shetland Islands during austral summer 1990-1991. Salp biomass ranged between 0 and 556 mgC•m-3 and was greatest at a station in the Bransfield Strait in late December 1990. Salp biomass was lower than that of E. superba. Two species of salps; Salpa thompsoni and Ihlea racovitzai were found, and the former was dominant numerically. Spatial distribution and generation composition of these two species was different. Spatial distributions of salps and E. superba did not overlap particularly so the January-February period. While E. superba was found mainly in the coastal area which showed high-chlorophyll a values, salps exhibited high biomass in the oceanic area with low chlorophyll a concentrations. Predation by salps on small krill and the competitive removal of food by them, are discussed as potential reasons for the relatively low abundance of E. superba at the stations where salps were present in great numbers.