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    Preliminary analyses of data collected during experimental fishing for Patagonian toothfish in international waters of the southwest Indian Ocean (Area 51)

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    L.J. López Abellán (Spain)
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    Experimental fishing for Patagonian toothfish took place during the period from 28 June to 27 July, 2003. This experience was carried out by a Spanish longliner, following commercial procedures, in a restricted area south of Madagascar and north of the Prince Edward and Marion Islands and the Crozet Islands, and outside EEZ and CCAMLR waters. A total of 57 sets were taken at between 360 and 1950 metres depth. The Patagonian toothfish appeared in all those sets carried out with values comprised between 53 and 1158 kg. Northward distribution of Patagonian toothfish is closely related to the extension of the sub-Antarctic Front to the north. The prospected area would seem to be located at the edge of the main ground, in which a residual recruitment effect persists. The total CPUE was 42.21 kg/1000 hooks. Depth is the most important factor in Patagonian toothfish distribution within the study area.