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    Testing the performance of a recompiled version of CMIX to decompose length-density distributions of Patagonian toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides)

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    T.D. Lamb, W.K. de la Mare, A.J. Constable and C.R. Davies (Australia)
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    A version of the mixture fitting program CMIX was recompiled to enable it to be run within the DOS emulator of recent versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The performance of the recompiled version was compared with that of the original version.
    The recompiled version of CMIX produced very similar, though not identical, results to the original version. We attribute this to differences in the minimisation routines of the recompiled version. We conclude that the small differences evident from these tests are unlikely to significantly influence the estimated long-term yield of Dissostichus eleginoides