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    Biological and fishery information for skates in Division 58.5.2

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    E.M. van Wijk and R. Williams (Australia)
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    This paper presents biological and fishery information available for skates from Division 58.5.2. Estimates of growth calculated from trawl-tagged, recaptured B. eatonii were 15 mm per year in total length and wing span, and 0.15kg per year in mass, indicating that this species is very slow growing. Composition of the skate bycatch by fishery and depth zone is described. Length-weight equations are provided relating total length and weight by species. The length at first maturity (L50) was estimated for B. irrasa at 865 mm and the length at first spawning (Lm50) at 1210 mm. Estimates of abundance of skates by species and stratum is presented from survey data. CPUE of skates by species from both research surveys and the commercial trawl and longline fisheries are also presented.