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    Two species of toothfish in two basic longline fisheries regions – Patagonian toothfish in Subarea 48.3 (South Atlantic) and Antarctic toothfish in Subareas 88.1 and 88.2 (South Pacific)

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    K.V. Shust, E.N. Kuznetsova, A.N. Kozlov, N.V. Kokorin and A.F. Petrov (Russia)
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    Now after more then 30 years studies a most valuable commercial (target) species in the CCAMLR Area two species of genus Dissostichus. They have wide circumpolar distribution but difference in latitudes of the boundaries area distribution Patagonian and Antarctic toothfish . Our comparison Patagonian toothfish from Subarea 48.3 –Is. South Georgia and Antarctic toothfish from Subarea 88.1,88.2 – Ross sea show to us any similar features in the distribution and biology but some different characteristics these species in nominated regions.