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    Assessment of mackerel icefish Champsocephalus gunnari in CCAMLR Statistical Subarea 48.3 based on the 2015 demersal fish survey

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    T. Earl and C. Darby (United Kingdom)
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    Chris Darby

    A stratified bootstrap of icefish catch density based on the UK 2015 demersal fish survey catch rate data indicated a biomass of 59,081 tonnes (lower one sided 5th percentile: 36,530 tonnes) within Statistical Subarea 48.3. Projections for the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons applying the CCAMLR harvest control rule lead to catch limits (TAC) of 3,461 tonnes for 2015/16 and 2,074 tonnes for 2016/17.