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    Preliminary assessment of mackerel icefish (Champsocephalus gunnari) in Subarea 48.3 based on the 2021 Groundfish Survey

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    T. Earl
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    Timothy Earl (Royaume-Uni)
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    Chris Darby

    The CCAMLR Statistical Subarea 48.3 icefish assessment was conducted by applying the standard projection methodology that has been agreed for this stock by CCAMLR Scientific Committee and its Working Groups. The stratified bootstrap of UK 2021 demersal fish survey icefish catch density and catch rate data indicate a precautionary biomass estimate of 22,047 tonnes (lower one sided 5th percentile: 13,279 tonnes) within Subarea 48.3. Projections for the 2022 and 2023 seasons applying the CCAMLR Decision Rule imply catch limits (TAC) of 1,457 tonnes for 2022 and 1,708 tonnes for 2023.

    The assessment would lead to a recommendation from Working Group FSA to Scientific Committee that the catch limit for C. gunnari in Subarea 48.3 should be set at 1 457 tonnes for 2021/22 and 1 708 tonnes for 2022/23.