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    More precise evaluation of the fish biomass on the shelf of the Kerguelen Islands based on the materials of the registered trawling surveys made in 1987–1988

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    P.B. Tankevich, V.V. Gerasimchuk, E.A. Roshchin, L.M. Kokoz and S.M. Pronenko (YugNIRO, USSR)
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    According to the results of the registered trawling surveys carried out during the joint Soviet-French expeditions (1987-1988), more precise evaluations of the main commercial species biomass in the Kerguelen Islands area are given below. When evaluating the fish stocks, a special attention has been paid to the registration of hurricane samples zones and to the construction of their content evaluations. It is shown in the paper, that the total fish biomass is subjected to considerable variations and is in direct dependence on the quantity of the icefish year-class entering fishery.