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    The YugNIRO expedition in the Indian Ocean sector of the Antarctic and in Lazarev Sea in the summer season of 1989–90: preliminary findings of the oceanographic research

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    V.A. Bibik, A.V. Dulnev, A.V. Klausov, A.S. Pelevin, E.G. Ryabchikov and V.N. Yakovlev (YugNIRO, USSR)
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    In reference to the YugNIRO antarctic expedition in the season of 1989/90, information on the areas covered by oceanographic observations from the expedition’s vessels, on the scope of those observations and the preliminary results thereof are presented in this paper.
    It is shows that both ice and hydrometeorolegical conditions determinig the production processes and the formation of krill and fish aggregations in the marginal /epicontinental/ Antarctic seas were most favourable in Cooperation Sea (long. 55-80° East) and least so in Cosmonaut Sea (long. 33-55° East).