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    Current temperature conditions off South Georgia during recent years (satellite data on Subarea 48.3)

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    G.P. Vanyushin (Russia)
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    Satellite monitoring of sea surface temperatures (SST) off South Georgia (Subarea 48.3) which includes both analysis of real-time data from vessels and buoy stations provides constant information on the temperature conditions of the area. Weekly SST maps constructed from GOES-E and Meteosat-7 daily satellite data are used to develop maps of mean monthly SST and SST anomalies. For quantitative monthly analysis of variations in temperature distribution and SST anomalies in the South Georgia waters in 12.1989/03.1991 and 11.1999/04.2002 we have selected Cells 1 and 2 (2°x2° resolution, centered at 54°S 41°W and 53°S 37°W, respectively). Temperature values of monthly trends of mean SST and SST anomalies in Cell 1 and 2 are calculated with precision of 0.01°C.