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    The CCAMLR Ecosystem Monitoring Program (CEMP) uses indices derived from data on indicator species collected by standard methods in the three Integrated Study Regions of the Convention Area. Each year the Secretariat updates the standardised index values and provides a summary of trends and anomalies in these data. This report covers biological indices only.

    Six Members submitted data for 13 sites and 12 CEMP parameters in 2010/11. No data was received from CEMP sites in Area 88. Since 1989/90, a total of 116 anomalous values (anomalies, see Appendix 1) have been observed in the times series of biological indices. All anomalies (both high and low) in the past 2 seasons have been from monitoring sites in Subarea 48.1. These are:


    • Low number of chicks fledged per egg laid (A6a) for Adelie penguins at Stranger Point Station;
    • Low chick fledgling weight (A7) for Adelie penguins at Admiralty Bay; and
    • High pup growth rate deviate (C2b) for female Antarctic fur seals at Cape Shirreff.


    • High fledging weight (A7) for Gentoo penguins at Cape Shirreff;
    • Low stomach contents weight (A8a) for Gentoo penguins at Admiralty Bay;
    • Low occurrence of fish in diet (A8c) for Gentoo penguins at Admiralty Bay.