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    Workshop on International Coordination (14 to 18 July 1997)

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    The 1997 Workshop on International Coordination was convened by Suam Kim (Korea) at 0900 on 14 July 1997 at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center, La Jolla, California. In attendance were Sung-Ho Kang (Korea), Hyungmoh Yih (Korea), Mikio Naganobu (Japan), So Kawaguchi (Japan), Volker Siegel (Germany), Anthony Amos (USA), David Demer (USA), Christopher Hewes (USA), Roger Hewitt (USA), Osmund Holm-Hansen (USA) and Valerie Loeb (USA). Attendees and addresses are listed in Table 1.1.
    During the 1996/97 field season Germany, Korea and USA conducted surveys in the Elephant Island area. It was agreed during a planning session at the 1996 meeting of WG-EMM to conduct observations at a common set of stations along the 55°W meridian north and south of Elephant Island. These stations correspond to Stations 60-67 on the U.S. AMLR grid which has been occupied twice each austral summer since 1991. Table 1.2 lists the cruise dates, the dates that the common stations along 55°W were occupied, the survey areas, the types of observations conducted and the equipment used by each member country…[contact the Secretariat for a full version of the abstract]