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    Studies on zooplankton with special reference to krill from the Indian Ocean sector of the Southern Ocean

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    K.L. Bhat, R. Vijayakumar and V. Jaya Sree (India)
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    Distribution, abundance and species composition of zooplankton collected during the First Indian Antarctic Krill Expedition were studied. Zooplankton biomass values ranged fiom 9.79 to 303.62m1./100m-3 (x=142.14±77.02). High standing stock values were recorded in the study area where copepods, chaetognaths, euphausiids and salps were the dominant taxa. Copepoda formed the major constituent of zooplankton community and the population density ranged fiom 650 to 7209/100 m-3 of zooplankton catch. Swarms of krill and salps were observed during the study period (austral summer) which were the prime cause for high standing stock of zooplankton. The prevailing physical parameters could be the important factor influencing the higher standing crop of different zooplankton groups. The study revealed that the present investigation site falls under potential krill fishing ground.