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    Products for human consumption from krill (Euphausia superba)

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    J. Joseph, V. Muraleedharan, R. Thankamma and C.N. Ravishankar (India)
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    Studies were conducted to formulate different products using krill meat stored for 2 months at -30°C and one month at -20°C. Dried krill of good quality could be prepared by blanching krill in boiling 5% Na Cl solution for 5 minutes and then sundrying. Incorporation of krill mince even at a level of 10% to fish mince during production of surimi and fish paste affected the quality. Though a prawn like flavour was imparted on mixing krill mince with fish mince during preparation of fish cutlet and fish burger, it gave a bitter after taste at 10% level and bitter taste at 20% level or above. The swelling property of the fish wafer was affected by the incorporation of krill mince.