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    Seabird by-catch in the Patagonian toothfish longline fishery at the Prince Edward Islands: 2001–2002

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    B.P. Watkins (South Africa)
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    This paper summarises seabird bycatch during 1 July 2001-30 June 2002 of sanctioned longline fishing for Patagonian toothfish Dissostichus eleginoides in the Exclusive Economic Zone around South Africa’s Prince Edward Islands. Data were obtained from fishery observers aboard all nine sanctioned fishing trips. Fishing effort was 2.9 million hooks, a 36% reduction on the number of hooks set in 2000/2001 (Ryan & Watkins 2001). The number of seabirds reported killed by the observers was three birds: two White-chinned Petrels Procellaria aequinoctialis and one Grey Petrel P. cinerea . Average seabird bycatch rate by sanctioned vessels was 0.001 birds per 1 000 hooks which is a significant drop from the previous season when 0.009 birds were killed per 1000 hooks.