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    Distribution, biological characteristic and biomass of icefish from the results of inventory trawling survey carried out by STM-8390 Atlantida in January–March 2002

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    Zh.A. Frolkina and P.S. Gasiukov (Russia)
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    Results of the inventory trawling survey of icefish carried out by Russian vessel STM-8390 Atlantida in February 2002 in Subarea 48.3 are presented. During this period, the fish were mainly foraging. Champsocephalus gunnary 22-28 cm in length at the age of 2-3 predominated on all grounds of the Subarea, except the north-eastern part. During the survey, specimens 15 cm in length at the age of 2 prevailed in pelagic catches. Peculiarity of Ch. gunnary biology in 2002 consisted in high internal fatness at low stomach fullness. On the eastern shelf part, a considerable number of pre-spawning specimens had already been detected, which was not characteristic of that month. .Total biomass near the bottom estimated by different methods is amounted to 38 – 45 thous. t.