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    Brief report on scientific observation on the fishery vessel Simeiz (FAO Statistical Area 41, November 2006 to March 2007)

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    A.K. Zaytsev (Ukraine)
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    Scientific observation was conducted in the commercial trip on the ling-liner «Simeiz», operating under the Ukrainian flag, in the south-western Atlantic Ocean outside the exclusive (marine) economic zones of the foreign states (FAO statistical area 41) in the period from November, 7, 2006 till April, 2, 2007. Fisheries for Patagonian toothfish were carried out on two fishery grounds: “Scotia” bank (subarea 41.3.2) and Patagonian shelf (subarea 41.3.1) between 47 and 42° S. Most catches did not exceed 500 kg per a long-line set. Substantial differences were noted neither in size composition nor in the biological state of fishes both in different operating periods and on different fishery grounds.