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    Proposal for further trials aimed at reducing Macrourus spp. by catch on autoliners targeting D. eleginoides with longlines around South Georgia

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    Delegation of the United Kingdom
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    IW longlines are effective in reducing the bycatch of birds in toothfish fisheries, but by putting the line closer to the seabed they increase the bycatch of macrourids and rajids. Experiments reported elsewhere demonstrate that some of this effect can be mitigated by the use of fish rather than squid bait, but even then autolines continue to catch more macrourid bycatch than Spanish systems. We intend to trial two alternative configurations against IW systems in 48.3 in the 2007/08 fishing season: non-IW autolines with spaced weights, and IW systems with alternately spaced weights and floats. All systems will have sink rates of at least 0.3 m.s-1. Comments on the experimental protocol are invited. Although we intend to change gear configurations as described all other conservation measures will apply.