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    SUMMARY OF SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATIONS RELATED TO CONSERVATION MEASURES 24-02 (2008), 25-02 (2009), 25-03 (2009) AND 26-01 (2009)

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    1. This report summarises the information collected by observers for the 2009/10 season relating to compliance with Conservation Measures 24-02 (2008) “Longline weighting for seabird conservation”, 25-02 (2009) “Minimisation of the Incidental Mortality of Seabirds in the Course of Longline Fishing or Longline Fishing Research in the Convention Area”, 25-03 (2009) “Minimisation of the Incidental Mortality of Seabirds and Marine Mammals in the Course of Trawling in the Convention Area”, 26-01 (2009) “General environmental protection during fishing” and 51-01 (2008) “Precautionary catch limitations on Euphausia superba in Statistical Subareas 48.1, 48.2, 48.3 and 48.4”.
    Waste Disposal
    2. The presence of bait box packaging bands on board vessels was reported by observers on 2 cruises, Jung Woo No. 2 and Jung Woo No. 3 (Table 1). Observers reported that all bait box packaging bands were cut and retained or incinerated. All other types of packaging bands were either retained on board for disposal at shore or incinerated.
    3. Observers reported no incidences of fishing gear, such as snoods and hooks, being intentionally disposed of at sea (Table 1). There were reports of unintentional gear loss.
    4. There were no hooks observed left in offal discharge (Table 1).
    5. No observations of inorganic waste being discarded at sea were reported (Table 1).
    6. Long-term, land-based, monitoring of marine debris (including from beached debris surveys, entanglement of marine mammals and hydrocarbon soiling of seabirds) has been conducted in Subareas 48.1, 48.2, 48.3 and 58.7. These data are reviewed by WG-IMAF and therefore only a brief summary of the most recent year’s data are provided here. (This is essentially a placeholder for this item in order that the Scientific Committee can be made aware of any anomalous data in years when WG-IMAF does not meet).