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    Comparative analysis of the results of determination of reproductive ability of Antarctic toothfish in the Subarea 88.3

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    S.V. Piyanova, A.F. Petrov and A.V. Presnyakov (Russia)
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    Sarah Mackey (Секретариат АНТКОМ)
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    Results of histological analysis of gonads of female and male Antarctic toothfish Dissostichus mawsoni caught in the Bellingshausen Sea in 2011- 2012 seasons are presented. Morphological indices of females and males, age, indices of gonads, fecundity, and condition by Fulton are described. In the Bellingshausen Sea the Antarctic toothfish had deferred reproductive ability compared with other subareas of the Pacific Antarctic studied previously, it was detected a low share of females with the ovaries at the stage of vitelligenous growth of oocytes (diameter 1.41-1.61 mm), and males with maturing spermatogonia. The individual absolute fecundity was 0.11-0.47 million eggs, relative fecundity –26-29 eggs per g.

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