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    Maturity stages for skates (Rajiformes)

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    J.R. Ellis, S.R. McCully Phillips and V. Laptivovsky (United Kingdom)
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    Mr Doug Cooper (Секретариат АНТКОМ)

    Current CCAMLR maturity stages for skates (Rajiformes) use a three-stage key. As such, important elements of the reproductive cycle may go unrecorded, including females in the process of egg-laying. Additionally, the current description of females at stage 2 (maturing) in the CCAMLR observer manual could lead to some confusion between fish at stage 2 and stage 3 (mature). Suggestions for updating the descriptions of the maturity stages for skates are provided, as is a rationale for considering a four-stage key that allows for the collection of data for fish that are at active stages of the reproductive cycle.