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    Hook selectivity in the longline fishery of Dissostichus eleginoides (Nototheniidae) off the Chilean coast

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    C.A. Moreno (Chile)
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    Existing antecedents are presented from technical publications concerning chilean fisheries of the patagonian toothfish Dissostichus eleginoides related with the selectivity of the type and size of hooks used in the longlines. Original data obtained during 1991 on the coast of Valdivia, South East Pacific, are added. The data show that the circle hooks are far more efficient that the right ones. The size frequency of the population collected with straight hooks No3 and 4 are not significatively different, being No 3 near 31 % more efficient than No 4. Different bait do not present significative differences. It is notorious that female proportion increases significatively in the catches, at the same time as the number of the straight hook increases (for example from 4 to 3) or when they change from straight to circle.