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    On problem of natural subdividing of Antarctic krill’s geographic area (an application to the monitoring of fishing)

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    R.R. Makarov and L.L. Menshenina (Russia)
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    The possibilities of natural regionisation of antarctic krill's geographic area with emphasis on fisheries regions distribution are considered on the base of consisting data of spatial structure of krill's geographic area. More then 43% of regions, where usually present concentrations of krill (this percent includes all recently acting fishery regions) lay inside of secondary fronts. These fronts are natural boundaries of supposed krill's stocks (subpopulations). Such position of regions of increased abundance of krill creates strong difficulties for determination of the membership crustacean to that or another stock on the basis of recent knowledges.
    Problem may be solved, if new multidisciplinar surveys will be undertaken. These expeditions should get information on spatial composition of waters, ways of krill drift as well as on main biological characteristics of crustaceans. These surveys should cover rather large districts, which must include corresponding fishery regions as well as other regions of incresed abundance of krill and also regions of low abundance of krill. Changeability of situations (seasonal and annual) rises the necessarity to repeate these observations during several years, which is very expensive and impossible in reality. Information of observers from commercial trawlers as well as data from searching ships are a serious help in this respect for intermediate years beetween the seasons of wide scientific expeditional activity.