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    Acoustic estimates of krill biomass in the Elephant Island area: 1981-1993

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    D.A. Demer and R.P. Hewitt (USA)
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    Acoustic estimates of krill biomass in the vicinity of Elephant Island for the years 1981-1993 (with the exception of 1982 and 1986) are presented. Estimates for 1981-1991 are based on previous reports adjusted for the recently proposed definition of krill target strength. Biomass estimates range from 81 xl03 t (March/April 1985) to 4,880 xl03 t (January 1993) and areal biomass densities range from 2.5 g/m2 to 134.5 g/m2 Average biomass and average areal density over the 13-year period was 1,692 xl03 t and 52.8 g/m2.