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    Fishes caught along with the Antarctic krill in the vicinity of the South Georgia Island during the austral winter months of 1992

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    T. Iwami (Japan)
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    Observations on abundance of by-catch fishes were made during the austral winter months of 1992 (from July 9 to August 3) on board F/V No.3 and No.5 Chiyo Maru in the vicinity of the South Georgia Island. Among 74 net hauls examined, a total of 66 specimens of fishes belonging to 3 species were found in 20 trawl catches.
    Among by-catch fishes, juvenile Lepidonotothen larseni was the most abundant (62 specimens; 93.9% in number; 58.9% of total weight of by-catch fish). Standard length (SL) of L. larseni varies from 32.4 to 52.1mm (average 44.5mm; mean 45.3mm). Three specimens of juvenile Champsocephalus gunnari ranging 80.5 to 88.3mm of SL and one adult specimen of Electrona antarctica (72.1mm of SL) were also found, but no other fish species was recognized in our by-catch samples. The abundance of fish in our krill catches was relatively low (less than 52 individuals and 43.68g per 100kg of krill) in comparison with some data reported previously.