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    Developing guidelines for conversion factors in new and exploratory toothfish fisheries

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    Document Number:
    Delegation of New Zealand
    Submitted By:
    Mr Matthew Baird (New Zealand)
    Approved By:
    Mr Luke Gaskin (New Zealand)

    Currently, there are no standardised guidelines set by CCAMLR to calculate conversion factors for toothfish caught in New or Exploratory toothfish fisheries. As a consequence, it is likely that different methodologies for calculating conversion factors are used by SISO observers, vessels, companies and Members that operate in these fisheries. These differences could potentially introduce significant levels of variability and inaccuracy into toothfish fishery greenweight removal estimates, undermining CCAMLR’s ability to effectively track the state of the stocks and to set precautionary yields accordingly. We propose ‘best practice’ guidelines are developed for the calculation of toothfish conversion factors.