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    Trade data analysis – Report of global toothfish trade data

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    Document Number:
    CCAMLR-41/BG/13 Rev. 1
    CCAMLR Secretariat
    Submitted By:
    Ms Doro Forck (CCAMLR Secretariat)
    Approved By:
    Dr David Agnew (CCAMLR Secretariat)

    This paper provides analysis on the data collated by the United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics (UN COMTRADE) from publicly released sources for the trade of toothfish products from 2019 to 2021. The analysis has identified that in the past calendar year (2021), toothfish was most commonly traded as an unprocessed frozen product which could be in various mean unit values of US$18.66/kg for imports, and US$20.65/kg for exports. The data identified the largest importer was the United States of America, accounting for 55.72% of the global import market. The largest exporter was Chile, accounting for 34.56% of the global export market. A comparison of the total quantity of toothfish products traded for imports and exports between global trade data and the CDS found that they differ both for imports and exports, however, are very different for exports with a 66% difference.