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    Observer comments on the CCAMLR Decision Making Process

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    Submitted by COLTO and ASOC
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    Mr Rhys Arangio
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    Mr Rhys Arangio

    Since it was established in 1982, CCAMLR has been at the forefront of adopting world-leading Antarctic science and conservation measures thanks to the work of its Members over many years. However, in recent years progress on some major issues has been hampered by one or two Members repeatedly not joining consensus. For both ASOC and COLTO, the breakdown of consensus-based decision making in recent years is a matter of serious concern, indicating that CCAMLR is struggling to achieve the conservation objectives laid out in Article II of the Convention. In this paper, we suggest that when faced with systematic failure to secure consensus that CCAMLR considers alternative approaches so that the Commission can progress these matters.