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    The conservation of the Antarctic marine living resources as the objective of the Convention

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    Delegations of Argentina and Chile
    Submitted By:
    Mr Francisco Berguño (Chile)
    Approved By:
    Mr Francisco Berguño (Chile)

    The purpose of this document is to reflect on the objective of the CAMLR Convention, with the aim in mind to reach a common understanding that allows us to make decisions by consensus that facilitate reaching that objective.

    The CCAMLR objective is the conservation of the Antarctic marine living resources, where conservation is considered to include rational use. This is the guiding principle that must inform all the activities conducted by the Commission, the Scientific Committee and all the Members within the Convention Area.

    The underlying logic of the whole Antarctic Treaty System (ATS), of which CCAMLR is part, is that either authorisations or consent are to be obtained in order to conduct activities, thereby avoiding unilateral actions. Consequently, the fact that an activity is not explicitly prohibited does not mean that it can be conducted without the intervention of the organisms of the ATS.