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    Labor and Safety Standards in CCAMLR Fisheries

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    Delegation of the United States of America
    Submitted By:
    Ms Mi Ae Kim (United States of America)
    Approved By:
    Ms Elizabeth Phelps

    Labor abuses in the fisheries sector has garnered international attention, resulting in increasing calls for action to address them. The United States is submitting this background paper on labor and safety standards in CCAMLR fisheries to initiate discussion on improving vessel safety and the standards for fair and decent working conditions for all crew onboard fishing vessels. The risks to crew onboard fishing vessels in the Convention Area are exacerbated by the remoteness of the fishing grounds and its harsh marine environment. CCAMLR should consider what approaches it should take to implement best practices for labor standards, prevent labor abuses, and ensure safe and fair working and living conditions onboard all fishing vessels engaged in CCAMLR fisheries.