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    Vessel notification

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    A feasibility study of a modified NAFO ‘Hail’ System which requires that CCAMLR Flag States notify CCAMLR of the intention of their vessels to enter, exit, or move between subareas and/or divisions of the Convention Area, was carried out to assess how such a system might strengthen the CCAMLR System of Inspection. The study has found that the modified Hail system could strengthen the System of Inspection if it were to be combined with a reliable system of advance notification of fishing vessels. Several modifications are proposed to the existing CCAMLR provisions for advance notification of fishing and fisheries research vessels. The expected performance of the proposed Hail system was subsequently compared with the performance of a satellite-based vessel monitoring system (Inmarsat-C/GPS), which is also being considered by the Commission. The comparison has indicated that the Hail system’s performance in such areas as fishing regulation enforcement, optimisation of the deployment of inspectors and verification of submitted information is lower than the proposed satellite-based system. However, the comparison has also indicated that implementation of the Hail system would take less time than would a satellite-based system and the installation costs of the Hail system would be lower.