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    A proposal for a CCAMLR vessel monitoring system

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    A draft configuration of the CCAMLR Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) was prepared using available expertise in the design and implementation of satellite-based vessel monitoring of several CCAMLR Members and of the Forum Fisheries Agency. Technical consultation on VMS development, set-up and operation, available onboard equipment and its use, and transmission and processing of position reports was provided by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), Telstra Mobile Satellite and Radio Services (Australia) and by the Inmarsat Organisation. A description of the CCAMLR VMS comprises the following issues: standards for the selection of onboard equipment, hardware and software selection for the CCAMLR Fisheries Monitoring Centre (FMC), FMC connection to Inmarsat Land Earth Stations (LES), content of position reports and frequency of their transmission, system security, the need for encryption facilities and other similar issues. The cost of equipment and software for the CCAMLR FMC is estimated to be from A$53 900 to 88 000 depending upon the hardware option. The FMC operation and maintenance cost is estimated to be from A$26 770 to A$33 300, depending on the type of connection to international and national telephone networks. Attention is drawn to a number of technical, administrative and legal aspects of the VMS implementation, which should be taken into account by the Commission in taking a decision on the establishment of a CCAMLR VMS. It is estimated that the establishment of the CCAMLR VMS, until its becomes fully operational, would take approximately from 1.5 to 2 years