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    CCAMLR conservation measures: review of the numbering system

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    Conservation measures are presently numbered using a combination of consecutive Arabic numbers and Roman numerals. This system is simple, uniquely identifies each measure, and has been in use since 1984. However, the use of consecutive numbers does not provide information on topics covered by the measures, nor does it provide an implicit reference to the history of the measures. An improved numbering system is proposed which allows measures to be traced over the course of their history, contains information on the topics addressed by the measures, maintains a notation familiar to CCAMLR, and allows for an easy transition from the existing system to the new system. The new system would use unique 4-digit numbers to designate the topic covered by the measures and to identify measures within topics. The use of Roman numerals to denote the Commission meeting at which measures were adopted would be retained. The presentation of measures in the annually published Schedule of Conservation Measures in Force may also be enhanced by adding a reference box to each conservation measure, to indicate, where appropriate, the target species, area, season and fishing gear to which the measure applies. In addition, two new tables may be included in the schedule to indicate which measures applied to particular fisheries, and to provide a history of related measures. Examples of the new numbering system, reference box and new tables are presented.