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    Delegation of Australia

    Under Conservation Measure 41-01 (Annex C - Tagging Program for Dissostichus spp. in Exploratory Fisheries), the flag States of fishing vessels participating in exploratory fisheries are responsible for ensuring the tagging of Dissostichus spp., tag recovery and correct reporting. At CCAMLR XXVI (2007), “the Commission requested the Secretariat to annually prepare and submit a table for SCIC’s consideration containing data on individual Dissostichus spp. tagged and released, and the tagging rate reported by vessels operating in the exploratory fisheries” (CCAMLR-XXVI Report, paragraph 8.12). It is expected that the data will be made available to SCIC at this year’s meeting. Australia undertook an assessment of compliance with the CCAMLR tagging program based on information contained in the Fish Stock Assessment Report 2007 and discovered a high level of non-compliance. The lack of reliable information can affect stock assessments and therefore impact on the ability of the Commission to meet its objectives of conserving marine living resources. Australia considers that non-compliance with research obligations is a significant issue and should be considered further by the Commission, including adopting appropriate and proportionate mechanisms to ensure compliance.

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