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    Revisiting CCAMLR’s Approach to Management – A compendium of papers that explores the implementation of the CAMLR Convention

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    Submitted by ASOC
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    Ms Claire Christian (Invited Experts,ASOC)

    ASOC originally compiled this compendium to assist discussions at the recent 2nd CCAMLR Symposium. We note that at last year’s meeting CCAMLR agreed to maintain MPA papers in one place on the web site for ongoing reference. ASOC recommends that CCAMLR also place key reference documents and papers on topics of importance relevant to CCAMLR’s broader work such as those included in this compendium in one place on the CCAMLR website for ongoing use and easy reference. This will assist in the maintenance of a readily accessible record of CCAMLR’s history, progress and discussions across the fuller range of its work and ensure that earlier discussions are always available.

    ASOC hopes that this compendium may be a useful contribution to such a compilation and a useful resource for CCAMLR delegates at the current and future CCAMLR meetings, supporting valuable discussions to help CCAMLR meet its objectives and continue its leading role in the conservation of marine living resources through the application of the precautionary and ecosystem approaches.