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    The Hongjin 707: Case study and recommended next steps for CCAMLR

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    Submitted by ASOC
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    Ms Claire Christian
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    Ms Claire Christian

    This paper provides an overview of the case of the Korean fishing vessel Hongjin 707 and recommendations for actions from CCAMLR. Since the Hongjin 707 has engaged in IUU fishing, it is appropriate for CCAMLR to include the vessel on the Contracting Party (CP)-IUU list and to request Korea to withdraw its notifications for the vessel for the 2016-2017 fishing season. It is critical for CCAMLR and for Korea that a known violator of CCAMLR CMs is prevented from fishing in the Convention Area. CCAMLR should also discuss their views on appropriate response by Members when their flagged vessels engage in IUU fishing, and specifically on what criteria should be fulfilled before any vessel is re-approved for fishing.