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    Follow up to the Joint CEP/SC-CAMLR Workshop on Climate Change and Monitoring

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    Submitted by ASOC
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    Ms Claire Christian (ASOC)
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    Ms Claire Christian (ASOC)

    The Joint CEP/SC-CAMLR Workshop on Climate Change and Monitoring was a timely and useful exercise that produced a number of recommendations with relevance to CCAMLR XXXV, SC-CAMLR XXXV and the planned SC-CAMLR Symposium. In this paper, ASOC highlights some actions for SC-CAMLR and the Commission so that implementation of these recommendations can begin immediately, including:
    o    developing a climate change response work programme and a list of key scientific questions for SC-CAMLR;
    o    inviting SCAR, ICED and SOOS to attend WG-EMM-17;
    o    making CEMP and other CCAMLR data more visible and accessible;
    o    requesting SCAR to submit ACCE updates to SC-CAMLR;
    o    linking discussions about key scientific questions on climate change to MPA discussions;
    o    providing annual updates on climate change-related work to the CEP;
    o    including climate change in working group discussions;
    o    developing a response to ocean acidification; and,
    o    encouraging fishing vessels to assist in data collection.