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    Ross Sea region marine protected area: consequential changes to other conservation measures

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    Delegations of New Zealand and the USA
    Submitted By:
    Mr Andrew Townend (New Zealand)
    Approved By:
    Ms Amy Laurenson (New Zealand)

    During discussions on the Ross Sea region marine protected area (RSRMPA) at CCAMLR XXXV in October 2016, it was noted that the implementation of Conservation Measure (CM) 91-05 would require revisions to a number of existing CMs (see paragraph 8.39 of the report of CCAMLR XXXV).  CM 91-05 itself contains an obligation to revise CMs 41-09 and 41-10 (see paragraph 28 of CM 91-05).

    We describe the proposed changes in part 1 of this paper, with an explanation of each revision.  Part 2 of this paper contains copies of all of the relevant CMs with changes edit-tracked, taken from the Schedule of Conservation Measures in Force 2016/17.

    New Zealand and the United States recommend that the Commission adopt the proposed changes at its 2017 meeting.